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Jules Blaine Davis

Wood Board Love


Wood Board Love is a movement, a conversation, a rhythm, a lifestyle, a thread woven into the day to day that eases our stress around the hunger in our home, with those we love and inside of us too. Who knew cutting up fruit, cheese, veg. and so many things you would never think of could inspire and support our lives in the day to day, everyday.

Wood Board Love invites everyone to nourish the beauty of the board, no matter how simple the offering, everyone is hungry. The conversation with how we nourish is a story we carry all our lives. When it comes to hosting or parenting or serving a friend, just offering a wood board love without saying a word allows for a nourishing that is full with freedom and joy and intimacy from both the creator and the receiver.

each board is hand made special for YOU in a partnership between Jules Blaine Davis and wood working artisan, Morgan Street, in Los Angeles.


Large - 14" across