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Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck


Honoring the potent times in which we are living, The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck is an invocation of the sacred feminine. We all crave trustworthy sources of insight for clarity, confirmation, and guidance. The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck, crafted from the collected feminine wisdom of millennia, intends to be that guide. Wherever you are on your journey as a woman, these fifty-two cards speak through universal symbols of the sacred feminine goddesses (Kuan Yin, Lakshmi, Artemis, etc.) and archetypes (Curandera, Bodhisattva, Mother, Queen) to amplify your innate knowing, invigorate your emergent potential, and reveal blind spots that may hamper your growth. Each card reflects one aspect of the sacred feminine, opening a portal of potential, a threshold to integrate what we have been and the "not-yet" we can become. The Wild and Sacred Feminine Deck helps women usher the ongoing conversation they have with their lives into a larger, more luminous context.