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Collaborations with Poets by Alex Katz


Ruminating on his long and extensive interactions with American poets, Alex Katz (born 1937) recently stated that the "poetry scene in New York turned out to be a big event" in the late 1950s and 1960s. This volume surveys his numerous collaborations with writers of the New York School and beyond. It reproduces covers and images from his book collaborations with Frank O'Hara, Michael Brownstein, John Ashbery, James Schuyler, Kenneth Koch, Bill Berkson, Kenward Elmslie, Vincent Katz, Alice Notley, Harry Mathews, Susie Timmons, Robert Creeley, Michael Lally, Carter Ratcliff and Ron Padgett. Also featured are his print collaborations with Kenneth Koch, William Dunas, Ted Berrigan, Kenward Elmslie, John Godfrey, Ted Greenwald, Michael Lally, Ann Lauterbach, Gerard Malanga, Alice Notley, John Perreault, Carter Ratcliff, Rene Ricard, Peter Schjeldahl, Tony Towle, Bill Zavatsky, Edwin Denby, Ron Padgett and Vincent Katz.