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Botanical Remedies


Tomen modernizes ancient plant-based healing remedies through phytotherapy integration. And because the health of our bodies and planet are of equal importance, we choose to work with experienced cultivators to produce clean formulas made from the most sustainably-sourced botanicals possible. 30 servings per bottle.

DIGEST | Lemon Verbena + Ginger

This carefully-considered tonic soothes GI inflammation and restores balance to the gut with pure and potent extracts of ginger, lemon verbena, cardamon, anise, chamomile, orange pericarpium, and fennel.


DETOX | Mint Medley + Cucumber

Cleansing and cathartic, this cooling formula relies heavily on the ancient healing powers of mint. For a thorough detox, burdock, dandelion, holy basil, milk thistle, sarsaparilla and chlorophyll complete the formula.


FOCUS | White Sage

Inspired by fire’s power to hypnotize, this formula is designed to heighten cognition, and boost memory recall. Contains pure and potent extracts of white sage, milky oat, lion's mane, bacopa, ginseng, rosemary and gotu kola.


CALM | Lavender

Our well-balanced healing tonic helps to calm the nervous system and mind. Contains pure and potent extracts of lavender, California poppy, skullcap, lemon balm, elderberry, elderflower and catnip.


IMMUNITY | Holy Basil

This rejuvenating blend fortifies our body's natural defenses and ability to heal itself. Contains pure and potent extracts of holy basil, astragalus, elderberry, licorice, reishi and wild cherry bark.