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Shin + Na

Bucket Tote


Take The Bucket Tote to your business meeting, your lunch date, and on to your evening art class.

This quirky, one-strap tote features six pockets to keep everything in its proper place. The durable fabric and square-shaped bottom makes The Bucket Tote much roomier than it appears. It can hold everything from your tablet, your art supplies, and all your daily essentials. For lovers of functionality with the twist of the eccentric, The Bucket Tote is the bag for you.

An added bonus is that The Bucket Tote is reversible, so your inside pockets can be transformed into outside pockets with a quick tug and a flip!

Heavy-duty, durable canvas
Twilltape detail on shoulder strap
6 Pockets for easy access and organization
Reversibility for style and function

Size : 8(W) x 8(D) x 10(H) inches
Shoulder strap drops 11 in.