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Osha Syrup


Osha Syrup is an herbal antiviral, anti bacterial and expectorant. Great for lung tightness, coughing or any respiratory sickness. Take a tablespoon 3-5 times daily for lung support. 

INGREDIENTS: A sweet blend of Osha Root, Elecampane Root, Thyme, Mullein, Valerian Root, Honey, Yerba Santa Alcohol Tincture  

Osha Root - An excellent healer for lung and upper respiratory illnesses such as cold and flu symptoms. Osha Root can clear up mucus from the sinuses and lungs acting as an expectorant. Osha also increases blood circulation and oxygen to the lungs, which increases dilation during constriction.

Honey - Soothing and anti-bacterial

Elecampane Root - A powerful remedy for asthma coughs and other inflammatory lung issues. Elecampane is also an expectorant which helps loosen phlegm.