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Midland Crystals

Polished Palm Stones


Green Opal
Polychrome Jasper
Green Moonstone
Polychrome Jasper - small

Beautifully polished stones full of the energies of the earth.  

Green Opal - bright green (approx 2.5-3"): Amplifying Heart Chakra and Solar Plexis

Scolecite -white (approx 2.5-3"): Inner Peace and Harmony

Polychrome Jasper - multi (approx 1.5"-2"): Clear Energy Blocks for Rebirth, Grounding

Amethyst - purple (2.5" - 3"): pirituality and Higher Guidance.  

Green Moonstone - soft green (2"-2.5"): Balances Emotions,  Heart Healing for Pain and Grief