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Polished Palm Stones


Amazonite (Turquoise)
Scolecite (White)
Amethyst (Purple)
Hematoid/Fire Quartz (Red)
Green Moonstone (Soft Green)
Peach Moonstone (Peach)
Rose Quartz (Pale Pink)
Selenite (Clear)
Angelite (Sky Blue)
Blue Quartz (Marbled Blue/Grey)

Beautifully polished stones full of the energies of the earth.  

Amazonite- turquoise: Connectivity with Divine Feminine

Scolecite -white: Inner Peace and Harmony

Amethyst - purple: Spirituality and Higher Guidance.  

Green Moonstone - soft green: Balances Emotions,  Heart Healing for Pain and Grief

Peach Moonstone- light tan/peach: Healing with Creativity

Hematoid/Fire Quartz- rustic red: Grounding and Balance, Brings Clarity During Chaos

Rose Quartz- pale pink: Love and Emotional Healing

Selenite - Clear: Elevates the spirit and provides clarity

Angelite- Sky Blue: Greatest Healing Mineral, Wind and Spiritual Energies of Power

Blue Quartz- Cloudy Blue/Grey: Boosts Emotional Strength, Clear communication and Peace of Mind