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Loco Love Chocolate

Loco Love Chocolate - Twin Pack


Using only the finest organic, plant-based and whole food ingredients including organic, fair-trade Criollo Cacao from Peru, Loco Love Chocolate uses a unique blend of chocolate, superfoods, tonic herbs and healing spices to bring you chocolate with benefits. 

Comes with 2 x 30g chocolate bars. Vegan, soy-free, filler-free, and refined sugar-free. 

Butter Caramel Pecan

An otherworldly, euphoric trip for your taste buds, the chewy buttery vegan caramel sits on top of an activated organic pecan base; then enrobed in bittersweet cacao for the perfect flavor balance. Spiked with a blend of potent tonic herbs, helping revitalize and energize your body – it’s like a spa getaway in chocolate form, packed full of adaptogenics for any stress life throws at you. Everything you need to give your brain and taste buds a well deserved boost.

Salted Caramel Crunch

A raw salted caramel with activated buckwheat crunches, the perfect combination of chewy and crunchy. Spiked with mineral rich mesquite and tahini for extra nutrition – this flavor is guaranteed to make your face melt with pleasure upon one bite, as if you yourself have a soft, fondant center.

Zingy Gingerbread Caramel

Enjoy luscious swirls of chewy, vegan, ginger caramel, blended with delightfully crunchy gingerbread pieces. If that wasn't dreamy enough, we've also enrobed these treasures in bitter sweet 70% dark chocolate and sprinkled them with edible gold dust and vegan golden maplecomb.

Wild Orange Ganache

With added Reishi and Chaga, adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms, immune boosting, adrenal restoring and all round health enhancing tonics. It’s citric and bright, lifted and layered, what’s not to love? Blends perfectly with the smooth wild orange cacao center – like a cosmic dance for your taste buds – a sensorial delight.

Each loco love bar now loaded with healing vegan probiotics for added gut health benefits!