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House of Land

Earth Being


Earth Being is a unisex fragrance with grassy notes and a fertile musk. The vibrant scent brings to mind chlorophyll-laden hills and the wild grasses that spread at their feet.

Notes: Fig Leaf, Bergamot, Amate. 100% Perfume Oil. Roll-On, 10 mL.

House of Land is the physical manifestation of the Austin, Texas based studio, Land. Led by Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes, but evolved and deepened by a supportive team of artists, designers, engineers, craftspeople, herbalists, textile experts and environmental stewards. Land is a new vision of creative expression–exploring the interplay between Art, Design, Idealism. In celebration of the interconnection and inseparability of art and design. Landʼs mission is to cross-pollinate art with design and design with art. All while paying deep respect to the history of human symbolism, art, history and the veneration of plants and the Earth.