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Ci Ci Chili Oil


Gently spicy and deeply peppery, Cí Cí Chili Oil is cold pressed from California Arbequina olives and fresh, whole Central Coast jalapeño, Fresno, and Anaheim chilies. Cí Cí is not your average chili oil. It's what the olio industry likes to call a "co-mill", where we actually mill fresh, whole, organic chilies and just-harvested Arbequina olives together, to create a pure chili-olive oil that reveals the complexity of each fruit. This whole-fruit co-milling method yields an oil that is vibrant, nuanced, and assertively fruit-forward. Cí Cí enlivens pizza, poached eggs, smoky eggplant, grilled salmon, fresh popcorn — and so much more.

Harvested, 2022.