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Moonflower Medicine


Dark Feminine Essence:

A potenized flower essence blend of Belizean rue, Oregon myrtle, Easter lily, white roses & black hellebore in blackberry cordial, blackberry rum, Sambucca and Mt. Shasta spring water, imbued with Divine presence of the Black Madonna.

This essence elixir is intended to aid with the dark night journey that every woman experiences at some time in her life; be it through loss, grief, shame, abuse, oppression or any deep initiation with the shadow aspect of life.  It illuminates light in the darkest of time, with a shield of protection to navigate the underworlds.

Heart of the Feminine Essence:

Red Raspberry Cordial, Chocolate, Vodka, Mt. Shasta spring water, flower essences of wild red rose, Belizean magenta hibiscus & Santa Maria (fleabane), imbued the divine presence of Mother Mary.

This subtle flower essence elixir is used to heal all energetic issues of the womb, while opening the heart, thus enabling the imprint for true female empowerment of being centered yet firm and loving.