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Meteor Shower
Blue Moon

Nestled in the serene Catskill Mountains, TU·ET·AL crafts more than just soap – they create a sensory journey back to nature. Experience the cold processed alchemy of natural oils, herbs, and potentiated spring water in every bar. Midland carries six different varieties of this incredible cleansing bar soap.

Bouquet - There is nothing more spectacular than a bouquet of flowers, gifted from the heart, displayed in your home. Their beauty, their smell, it’s the most spectacular display of love from Mother Earth to us. Our bouquet bar honors Her and Her gifts to us with rose petals, a blend of essential oils including rose geranium and lavender, and peony flower essence. Gift yourself or one you care for the elegance of bouquet to celebrate the love we all reflect back to our Earth.

Solstice - Outward energy of the Summer contrasted by the inward warmth of the Winter, our solstice soap balances the warmth we experience outwardly and inwardly. Clary Sage, relaxes, soothes and balances while the red clay acts as a protective barrier, like the hardiness of winter, simultaneously eliminating toxic substances that the skin has been exposed to, just as our bodies perspire in the summer. Feel the perfect harmony of being suspended between the polarities of Solstice.

Blue Moon - Elevate your consciousness upward and awaken your senses to Blue Moon. Captured in this bar is the stimulating sense of awe that overwhelms when you see the bright full blue moon rise in the sky. Nourishing light in the darkness, be transported to where the coast meets the mountains, with the richness of Spanish Cypress and Petitgrain balanced by Lavender and a hint of Fennel.

Meadow - f you’ve had the pleasure of walking through a forest and ahead is an opening brimming with wild flowers and sunshine, you have experienced Meadow. It holds the feeling of expansion after a deep healing experience. Unique to this soap is the healing sunshine power from the calendula flower, although, we cannot forget the relaxed balanced mind and body that has overcome you from the oils of holy frankincense, clary sage, and cedar to bless the temple of your body.

Artemisia - Earthy and magical, Artemisia is our deepest cleansing bar which carries the scents of conifers to root you into the forest. Green clay works with wildcrafted mugwort to pull out impurities and tone the skin, while the sacred sage, grown in our garden, clears away both the physical and energetic muck that the herbs and clays have drawn out.

Meteor Shower - A flash of the spectacular, Meteor Shower condenses the sense of wonder and refreshment. Eucalyptus on the front opens your breath to usher in the expanse of the universe. Patchouli and camphor ground into the earth ignited by hints of blood orange and black pepper. Apricot shells provide the texture to gently exfoliate, reminding you’ve now embodied the distinctive sparkle only the magical moment a shooting star can bring forth.