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Agnes Baddoo

Agnes Baddoo's small, local production team in  Los Angeles ensures that each piece is a work of  art with enduring value. These limited quantity  leather goods are a true representation of her  commitment to genuine craftsmanship and truly  get better with time.


Becket & Quill

Stunning adornments designed to be layered and worn everyday.


Our tried and true favorites here at Midland.



Caddis Readers

Welcome Caddis Readers to Midland.   Handcrafted and designed in California, all Caddis readers are designed to block blue light.  High quality reading glasses are worth investing in.  They feel good on, provide high quality optics, and look damn good.   Caddis says - “being right here is right on.”  And we couldn't agree more.  


Fall/Winter Collection

Father's Day

Fathers Day

We've got what Dad wants.  Share your gratitude for the father figures in your life with these great gifts.

Favorite Things





Kyma Sandals

A stunning combination of classic and modern, all KYMA sandals are handmade in Greece and each style is named after a Greek island, reflecting the aesthetic and feel you get from each one. "Kyma" is the greek word for wave, and they pay tribute to the Greek seas that surround the islands through the distinctive blue sole that is on every shoe.

Love to Love Ya

Lucy Michel Collection

Indulge in the tactile handmade ceramic work of local artist, Lucy Michel, with this exquisite new collection of green pieces. These beautiful objects of artistic expression are incredibly special. Lucy's work has been a staple here at Midland for eight years and she continues to evolve her work while keeping her modern craft timeless.

Luz Glass Tumblers

Memorial Day Sale

Midland Candles

Take refuge in our Midland Candle Collection, a transportive experience of scents designed to ignite your inner grounding and elevate your space. Each candle is meticulously crafted to evoke a unique adventure, capturing the essence of nature's most captivating moments and transporting you to distant realms of tranquility and delight.

Midland Collection

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